Can a person change?

Is there at all a formula for how old a person gets vs. how hard it is for that person to change? I feel like for quite some time now I’ve struggled with the same things. I look at my co-founders and after the last year I can recognize their deep flaws, their most difficult thought processes to deal with and it’s very obvious they’re not going to change anytime very soon. I’ll have to adapt.

What about the things in me that I need to change? Those glaring flaws that they will see in me. How able am I to actually change those?

It’s like once a month the same black dog comes out to misdirect my thinking, to distract and steer me towards self-pecking. It’s always for the same causes – laziness, inexperience, and a hesitation to confront somebody. But is there a better root to focus my efforts on? The resolution to change any of those only ever lasts a few days.

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