Is it really any different?

Seth Godin’s latest post makes the case that the future really is different, thanks to technology.  I don’t know.  Isn’t it just the same, but smarter/faster/better/cheaper/etc?

-Isn’t the DEMO conference, where we just launched at, just another trade show?  I doubt they would dare use those two words in any place associated with that “elite” high-technology conference.  But trade show is the only way I could get across to my own father what it really is.

-Seth uses the music industry as an example of something that is fundamentally changed.  The phonograph is only 120 years old.  The music industry, as a distribution system, is a very, very young industry.  Even so – the very first commercialization attempts, before distribution was even an issue, involved the sale of special concerts and premium content, in Mozart’s case his manuscripts and biographies, which is where things are returning.

-My roommate is a general contractor and has been building his website for the past month.  Just through maintaining this and his Google listings, he is able to get a handful of calls per week.  This is still just advertising.  Thanks to Craigslist (just classifieds), $4.95/mo hosting plans (just a brochure), and Google (just a phone directory listing) he is able to participate in the industry at little or no cost and compete with entrenched players that can afford the old ways of doing things.

At the least, what these new tools and technologies do is help us to focus on the fundamentals – great products, content, and service.

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