I’m Tired

I get tired of the liberal college campus, often, and have this quote by Peter Blake saved:

“I don’t think the students should have any more power over the teachers than they have already.  Just at the moment I don’t really like students as a group of people.  I think they rather overrate themselves.  They seem to talk a lot and protest a lot, and have too many rights.  I think one could get overinvolved in the activity of being a student.  After all, students are not so important-they are really only there to learn how to be adults.  Students shouldn’t feel that they have to complain.”

I found it in Richard Branson’s autobiography, Losing My Virginity.  On the other side of things I have this passage, from Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim, on my mind:

“He stood still over me… and with a smile in which I seemed to detect suddenly somtehing insolent.  But then I am twenty years his senior.  Youth is insolent; it is its right – its necessity; it has got to assert itself, and all assertion in this world of doubts is a defiance, is an insolence.”

Comes to mind when I see a kid who looks no older than 17 talking about solving the worlds problems.  Fine, fine, good luck to you dude, but you’re not saying anything new.  People will listen when things are put this way, it terms of money.

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