Handicapped Mexicans are Skinny

I am in Mexico and this phenomenon in the photo below is worth remarking about.  The way things operate in Latin America is just so darn funny.

You see they put in a handicapped ramp for their ridiculously high sidewalk.  They painted it for you so you know, even though it’s rather steep.  But, what the fuck is a person in a wheelchair supposed to do when he arrives at the pole 20 yards down the sidewalk?

 This was taken in La Paz, Mexico, in Southern Baja California.  It is easy to rag on the way things go down here, but I’ll take it any day over the states.  The women are gorgeous and the people are nice.  Always moving but to a slower rythm.  It is only with people from Latin America that you will see six guys leaning against a building, not doing or saying anything for hours.  In the USA we’d feel like we’d have to hustle.

We are cruising the Sea of Cortez on the boat, making our way north.  I’ll post anything else I find interesting.

 Sidewalk in La Paz

3 thoughts on “Handicapped Mexicans are Skinny

  1. I love the culture of Latin America. From fiestas to the laid backness of their society. My girlfriend was born in Ecuador, so her family is always a fun crowd. Something I wish a lot of people from the states can learn and appreciate; just relaxing and actually enjoying the moment. I find it a pleasure to just sit back at a park with either a book, friends, and just do nothing.

    People miss too much when they are out hustling or mediated with technology and multi-tasking.

  2. It is also interesting to point out that those handicap signs were hand-painted, the ones in the U.S. are done using a stencil.

    But I am sorry that you didn’t find anything else worth blogging about from the trip up the sea.

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