Negativity, Pt. 2

Remarkable advice can come from the most unlikely places.  Today I found out my calculus professor was a successful entrepreneur for 20 years and jumped from industry to industry, founding and selling many companies.

From him: “I worked in the real world for a long time before coming here.  I had a lot of experience with others, and could see what qualities in people allowed them to be successful or not.  The ones who ultimately became successful were the ones that allowed themselves to be successful.  This is how I did well in the multiple industries I worked in.  I liked to move around a lot, and every time I did I made sure I stuck around long enough to be successful.  Once you do well in one field you are able to bring that expectation into another.  That expectation is 9/10ths of it.”

Allowing negativity to cloud one’s honest expectations of success is death.

Extended motivation

“Dad, I wonder if energy is the most important virtue for success.”

“No.  It’s attitude.  All attitude.  Without the proper attitude you can’t be motivated.”

 School has started and I have a multitude of things to focus on.  I hope I can stay consistent with my motivation throughout the semester.